A place to easily share photos with friends and family.

Swift | UIKit | Firestore | Firebase Auth

Worked in a small group with one other developer and two UX/UI designers to develop this project. 

I was primarily responsible for the networking backend of this app, including the user authentication using Firebase Auth and the saving/updating/fetching of user data and photos from the Firestore database and Firebase Storage. I also touched many of the view controllers throughout development. 



SendTrack lets you easily share songs using Apple Music or Spotify!

Swift | UIKit | AVFoundation

Apple Music API | Spotify API

Developed this iOS app to allow users to easily share songs between differing streaming services. Coded entirely in Swift 4.2 with modern Apple APIs and frameworks and using multiple network APIs.

I created a custom algorithm to ensure songs were accurately matched between services. I also added an iMessage app extension to further ease sharing for users.

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